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Woman with family in Italian coronavirus lockdown poses naked with face masks

Stefania Barbaglio is an Italian woman living in London, but her family still live in Lombardy, Northern Italy – one of the regions worst hit by coronavirus.

The 34-year-old investor relations consultant has always been conscious of her health and exercises religiously.

She also follows a vegan lifestyle and as of late, wears a face mask while travelling around the city.

Hearing what her family are going through in one of the worst-struck areas, Stefania wanted to stress that she feels self-protection is important

So she decided to set up a photoshoot and pose naked with face masks as she believes it is important to cover our faces to stop the spread of the infectious virus.

Current government advice is you do not need to wear a face mask but having heard about her family’s experience in Italy, Stefania says she feels it is better to cover our faces if possible.

She tells ‘I mask up during my travel on the tube as I am so worried about what is happening in my own country. My family is from Lodi, Lombardy, where there is the biggest outbreak of the virus.

‘It’s not just the panic caused by the complete lockdown, this is real. Many people are dying every day, not only old, young as well, thousands of infected every day go into hospital that can’t cope with the numbers.’

Stefania revealed that her family are living in a ‘horrendous reality’.

She says: ‘My mum can only go out to buy food at certain times, my dad who runs our farm hasn’t been out for three weeks, he’s too scared he’ll get infected (two of his friends have died of coronavirus). If you die, you can’t have a proper funeral.

‘My sister, Gloria, is a pharmacist living in a close town to my mum and dad, she can’t go and see them. My brother has two kids and every day he hears about friends trying to recover in hospital. It’s terror in Italy.’

She continued: ‘I hope I can see my parents soon. I am scared I won’t be able to see my mum and dad anymore. I am also scared it is getting worse here.

‘The NHS has been struggling to cope.’

Stefania stressed the importance of looking after your health which she says is the only thing that matters.

She is hopeful things will soon get better.

She said: ‘We can and will beat this but we all must play our part. Wash your hands, wear a mask, carry tissues, listen to NHS advice.’

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